Security Guard & Patrol Services

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Looking for the best Seattle security guard company services?

Look no further as we offer premium guard and patrol services in Seattle and surrounding areas.

Thanks to our fully-trained and experienced armed officers together with our advanced, state-of-the-art tools and systems we are able to protect your life, property, and assets from unwanted intruders to the highest degree possible. Now you can worry less as we can offer you a detailed online report, GPS tracking and tagging system letting you track your security anytime.  

Armed Officers Unarmed Officers Uniformed & Plain Clothes Loss Prevention Fire Watch

Mobile Patrol Services Workplace Violence Protection Terminations Multi-Tenant Buildings Concierge Front Desk

Corporate & Work Place Security  

Guard your business executives and workers working at dangerous nighttime hours by offering them a security guard or team to watch the building during the night shift. 

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Warehouse & Distribution Centers  

Prevent theft and intrusions by using security services on-site to guard all your assets, stock, and workers 24 hours.

Construction Site Security  

Most intrusions and theft incidents occur when no one is around. Now you can guard your construction site and equipment 24/7. 

Hotel and Motel Security  

Travelers feel more secure when there is a security guard around and will not hesitate to pay more for added security benefits.

HOAs and Gated Communities  

Give your homeowners the safety and security they need while they are away at work, on holiday, etc.


Commercial & Retail Centers

Deter shoplifting, intrusions or theft by establishing secure settings that make consumers feel safe. 

Apartment and Condo Security  

Rely on our Critical Enforcement Response Team (CERT) for apartments and condos with high rates of violence and crime. 

Parking Lots & Garages  

Help your customers, suppliers, and employees feel cared for and safe when walking to and from their vehicle to a garage or parking lot.

Mobile Patrol Vehicles 

Thanks to our top mobile security patrol services, both workspace and retail property owners can keep an eye on their property after hours, in a cost-efficient manner that fits their budget.

Let us handle your security needs.